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he touched my scars

~The poem i wrote to describe how trent reznor's music is to me~

he touched my scars
and like the emptiness i drowned in
i opened up to see
nothing there for me.

he bound my arms in silk
strong as a steel
smooth as water
wrapped me up
to touch the nothing

he put in my ears
soft as fur
sound as being deaf
to hold his voice
in my head
to quiet the nothing

he wrapped my mouth
taste sweet as strawberries
tight as a rubberband
so no voice could be heard
so the others could not
twist my voice into a sharp knife
to stab me in the back,

he silenced me
deafened me
bound me
up in my nothing
wrapped me up safe
in his nothing.

safe as the stars
so far away from human"kind"
so far away from nothing
so close to everything
so trapped in madness
trapped in silence
my feet are free to walk
a journey i have no power in

i will sit as a prisoner
locked up in a world
full of the sad, kind, sweetness
he has wrapped me in,
each day i thank the unknown
that i used to know
for killing me.
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